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Our Mission

The Cryptocurrency Alliance is an independent expenditure-only committee (Super PAC), created to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Founded in 2017 by cryptocurrency and blockchain investor, Casey Botticello, our team plans to raise awareness and support the development of cryptocurrency through a three pronged approach:
Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology are poorly understood by the general public. One of our goals is to provide resources and information to help voters understand these concepts.
Political Advocacy
Cryptocurrencies threaten the existing financial system, which has resulted in an extensive lobbying campaign by financial institutions trying to maintain control of the global banking system. We aim to inform voters of the facts behind cryptocurrency.
Countering Propaganda
There are many politicians and public figures who have little understanding of cryptocurrencies (or feel threatened by their existence), resting in a stream of political propaganda we hope to counter.

Thoughts on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology

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